Other QR Tattoos

QRbodies Open Tattoo

A QR code was tattooed on human body. We designed and created an interface that allows anyone to change the message the QR tattoo links to. It means anyone can change the message encoded in the tattoo. It is revolutionary because it makes the tattoo a dynamic entity and also because the tattoo content is user-generated.



Animated tattoo

Perhaps the most known is this QR tattoo artwork. It was done  in 2011 by a french tattoo artist K.A.R.L. as a part of a Ballantines campaign and was streamed live on Facebook. The tattooed matrix code (other coding, than QR codes) is nicely integrated into the design. After scanning the code the video also connects with the tattoo design.


Random tattoo

Nice concept of randomly determinated links to different contents: videos, pictures, phrases, weather forecast, tweets. The idea of dynamics is shown grately.


QR codes with video mapping



An interwiev with american tattoo artist Levi Smith who made tattooing QR codes his speciality. The code links to the Facebook page of the tattooed person. However the moderator doesn’t adress the topic very much and tries to lead the discussion to FBI and Petnagon people tracking issue.


Interresting links

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